Putting you in the know about Intelligent ISAs

You’ve worked hard for your savings. Now it’s time they worked harder for you.

Should you consider switching from a your ISA(s)?

In the UK, most people who invest in an ISA still have Cash ISAs. But recent figures suggest many are moving their savings away from them, and there are lots of good reasons to consider switching. Here are just a few.



Your savings should at least keep pace with inflation. But with the best Cash ISA interest rates barely exceeding 1.1% and inflation currently around 3%, your savings may be losing value.



With a Cash ISA, getting a higher rate usually means locking up your money for 3 to 5 years. And if you need access to your savings, you may well lose a big chunk of interest.



Cash ISAs are definitely safe – but could the security of regulated advice help you find investments with higher returns?



If you have old Cash ISAs you’ve never transferred, now’s the time to consolidate them in to a more intelligent ISA so they’re earning you more interest.

Could you do better than current high street bank ISA rates?

We can introduce you to regulated ISA specialists. They can advise on available options as part of a bespoke, blended portfolio – so you could benefit from higher returns, with a higher degree of security than being completely exposed in the highs and lows of the stock market.

Finding out about better ISA options is easy. Here’s how it works.

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    We'll contact you

    (or visit, if you prefer) to get information about your current situation and what you’re hoping to achieve from your ISA investments, which we’ll pass on to one of our specialist partners

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    A regulated ISA partner calls

    to confirm the information is correct and ask a few more questions before discussing suitable investment options (and any costs that might be involved)

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    A fully qualified ISA adviser

    talks to you about whether or not you’d be better off moving your ISA to a new account, with details of what your new investment would entail.

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    Now you’re ‘in the know’ about intelligent ISAs and can decide in your own time to say yes or no to the adviser’s recommendations. If you choose to transfer your ISA, the specialist partner will take care of everything for you. And if you decide not to switch, don’t worry – the whole process has cost you nothing and you’re not committed to anything.


Make more of your ISA allowance now.

We promise

We Promise

…to put you in the know about alternative options to Cash ISAs that pay higher interest

…that if your current ISA’s the best option, the ISA adviser will tell you

…the whole review process won’t cost you anything

Take the first steps to a more intelligent ISA.