Putting you in the know about your pension(s)

You’ve worked hard and paid into your pension, so naturally you want to know it’s going to deliver when you retire. But have you got the most efficient pension arrangements?

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Should you consider a pension health check?

Chances are, a lot will have happened since you first took out a pension; indeed, you may have started a few of them over the years. But one thing’s for sure – your personal circumstances, your aims in retirement and the performance of your pension investments will have changed. That’s why there are many reasons to review your pension. Here are just a few.


Not sure how well your pension’s performing? A full pension health-check by a regulated pension expert will put you in the know about the real performance of your pension(s).

Fees & Charges

All too often exorbitant fees and charges from pension providers can eat into your pension pot. Fees vary enormously, and many are hidden – that’s one reason a review can help to find a better deal.

Access to your money

If you’re aged 55 or over, many schemes give you the option to take tax-free cash from your pension pot. A review will confirm this and tell you all the options, helping you decide which would be right for you – and doing it before taking any cash is the key to flexibility in retirement.  

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Making sure your pension meets your plans

Whatever you want from your retirement, you don’t want to find that your pension leaves you short due to high or hidden fees and poor investment – which could cost you the equivalent of several years’ worth of pension income.

The efficient way to avoid unnecessary charges and under-performance is to have it reviewed by an expert – but why should you have to pay to find out if your pension could be improved? 

We’re here to help you make sure your pension(s) working as hard as it can for you. Our regulated advisors specialise in reviewing and advising on all types of pensions, whether that’s a private or company scheme or both.

A review will not only give you peace of mind, but also make sure you’re on target to achieve your retirement goals.

Could you refine your pension for the better?

Finding out if your pension is performing is easy. Here’s how it works.

  • 1

    Complete an enquiry form (you can do it here)

    We’ll then contact you to fully understand your existing pension arrangements, and to hear any comments you have about your pensions.

  • 2

    Give the OK to start the review

    We’ll arrange to visit you in order for you to complete the enquiry forms in full, before passing these to our regulated pension experts.

  • 3

    A full in-depth report is created and presented to you

    This compares your current pension performance against the market, and where necessary makes recommendations to switch to a more flexible, potentially better-performing arrangement.

  • 4

    Make your decision

    Based on these recommendations – if your pension’s in good shape, we’ll tell you and it will have cost you nothing. If the recommendation is to switch to a new pension, any costs involved will be outlined within your review report.

  • 5

    If you choose to switch

    You regulated pension adviser will make everything happen and keep you informed at every stage.


In The Know is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority  (FRN:798939).

Our IFAs specialise in pensions and are highly experienced in reviewing all types of pension.

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We Promise

to put you in the know about pension performance and fees

…that if your current pension’s performing well, our independent, regulated pensions adviser partners will tell you

if there are better options for you, you’ll be made aware of these as part of your review

…the review process won’t cost you anything

 …if the advice is to switch to a lower cost, better performing pension, all costs will be presented as part of your review

 …if you decide to switch to a new type of pension, our regulated pensions experts will take care of everything for you