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With so many different types of pensions, so many changes in the rules in recent years and so many conflicting views in the press, it’s little wonder there’s a great deal of confusion about pensions. Will mine give provide enough income? How well is it performing? Should I take some of it as a lump sum? When can I take it and how much can I take?

Truth is, only an expert can help you understand your position, the options open to you and whether your current pension(s) will give you the retirement you want. Which is why, here at In The Know, we provide you with the answers and advice you’re looking for.

Reducing fees, increasing performance and having flexibility in retirement are all key reasons to have a pension health check to make sure you’re in the know – and we’ll make sure you have all the facts you need to make a more informed decision about your pension(s) and maximise what it provides for your future.  


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